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We offer exploration of Hienga islet’s underwater track everyday.

Hienga islet is located off the dive center and it only takes around fifteen minutes to get there. The islet is inhabited and we are the only one to go there.


With a guide and basic equipment (flippers, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, water proof brochures on fauna and flora), you will swim along   a marked out snorkeling track and safely explore the site’s biodiversity.


This snorkeling experience is open to everybody  (no need of specific training or exceptional physical capacities and no age limit). It offers a fun and educational approach of the marine environment, which respects safety and supervision norms.

This tour can be complemented with an exploration of the islet botanical track. The variety of plants will give you the chance to appreciate   the site’s wealth.

Thanks to our guide’s explanations, you will also be able to understand the interactions between the sea, the earth and Melanesian culture.

The guide will welcome and inform you. He will give you training on basic equipment and ensure your safety in the sea. He will carry out sessions so that you can learn about the marine and land ecosystem and the vulnerability of the different sites. He will also teach you conservation and prevention environmental measures.








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