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Our center’s maximum capacity is of two times eight divers, including coaching and that’s where all the difference is! Hospitality, conviviality and professionalism as well as small groups are the elements which make dives successful.

Our boats are aluminum Day Cruisers and have cabins. No more uncomfortable trips with divers crammed together; we offer space and comfort.

You can put your dry items in the cabin and your fragile equipment will be protected. Trips or intervals between dives are done away from the wind and the sun.

Thanks to our partnership with Aqualung, we offer modern equipments in perfect condition and the option to hire lights, computers and a digital camera for your exploration dives.


Thanks to Hienghene’s coral bed resources, the majority of our dives take place in a 20-meter deep zone. This zone is wealthier and less dangerous than deep-sea dive and we rather dive for an hour than spend 15 minutes 40 meters deep.

This zone is part of the world’s heritage and is located at the heart of the first protected marine area of the northwest coast. The biodiversity is truly exceptional.

We offer around fifteen sites each different from one another. The only invariability: diversity and numerous species to see.

You will also be appealed by the beautiful architecture of sites penetrated by arches, fractures, tunnels and canyons.





Initiation dive, exploration, training, private tuition, certificate test, we let you choose your package according to your needs.

We will help you improve at your own pace with trainings corresponding to your level and availability.

Thanks to a close partnership with other professional organizations, you can start your training in one center and finish it in another one.

We are members of the ANMP/CEDIP, which makes us able to deliver international certificate recognized around the world.






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